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Shin-Etsu Singapore Pte Ltd (SSP) was established in April 1990 for the purpose of import and sales of silicones. Previously, a representive office had existed for six years, which had been carrying out market research.

SSP sells a complete range of silicone products in a vast sales area that includes the ASEAN countries, Oceania and even the south Asian countries of India and Pakistan. The company imports silicones products from Shin-Etsu Chemcial Japan, stocks them, and re-exports them throughout its sales area to satisfy our customers needs.
Since its founding, Shin-Etsu Chemical has contributed to improve quality and functionality, lighter weight, more compact size and lower costs of goods in various industrial fields through development of new materials and provision of a steady supply. In each modern industry that has undergone strong development, breakthroughs in new materials are essential to further development.

At the same time, from the new viewpoint of safety, environment control and efficient use of resources, materials are expected to play a major role. Indeed, it would be possible to call the 21st century the "Era of Materials." Shin-Etsu Chemical is taking positive steps to deal with these issues and to create a rich 21st century by accurately and quickly meeting needs for materials according to the demands of the times.